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The Best Slow Cooker

November 01, 2017

You’ll notice this is the same recommendation as my pressure cooker recommendation. The real value of a multipurpose device like the Instant Pot is the space-saving potential it has for a small New York Kitchen like mine.

A slow cooker is a great tool for a busy home chef. You can throw a lot of ingredients into the pot in the morning and set it to be ready when you get home from work.

In addition to the pressure cooker function, it also has a simple Sauté mode, which you will use because for a lot of these meat based recipes you will want to brown the meat before slow cooking. The multi-function ability of the Instant Pot to replace a traditional crock-pot, rice cooker, and pressure cooker make this the best slow cooker choice for a small kitchen like mine.

Recipes that require a Slow Cooker:

Beef Chili

November 05, 2018

This is a very spicy, colorful chili that goes great over rice or with bread. I like to add beer to the chili, which can add interesting…

Short Rib and Sausage Ragú

April 01, 2018

This is another of the Frank Prisinzano recipes that I’ve sort of been able toscrape from his various Instagram or Snapchat streams. He…

Marinara Sauce

December 09, 2017

A chunky, spicy tomato sauce is the base for many different Italian dishes we cook. This is a fairly traditional Sicilian marinara sauce…

Chicken Tikka Masala

May 07, 2017

I love Chicken Tikka Masala and have found various versions of it for a slow cooker that I’ve adapted and tweaked from various original…

Ono Kyauk-Swe (Burmese Coconut Noodle Soup)

April 24, 2017

This is a popular traditional Burmese Coconut Noodle Soup Recipe. I’m using an electric slow cooker (the Instant Pot) to simplify a family…

Will Chiong

Written by Will Chiong who lives and works in New York building useful things.

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