Hash Browns

May 02, 2020

This method of making Hash Browns on a griddle is showcased in the movie “Chef”. Roy Choi and Jon Favreau also cook it in the Netflix cooking show “Chef Show”.

I love how simple this recipe is, and how it’s really just one pure ingredient. You can serve this under a fried egg for a simple and hearty breakfast.

  • 6 servings
  • 5 mins
  • 10 mins
  • 15 mins
  • Ingredients

    • 1 potato, shredded coarsely
    • 2 tbsp butter
    • salt
    • pepper


    • Griddle
    • Spatula


    1. Heat a griddle or cast iron skillet on medium high heat for about 3 minutes. If the griddle is not well seasoned, spray with a light layer of olive oil or cooking spray
    2. Shred a potato on the coarse side of a box grater, or with a mandoline slicer or food processor. You want the potato to be in long thin strips, as evenly as possible. Drain the moisture by squeezing in a cheesecloth or strainer, and lay on paper towels.
    3. Scatter the potatoes on the griddle to form a carpet of potato in an even layer with straight edges on all sides. Dot with chopped up butter, and let the butter melt through the potato to bind everything together. You want to let this sit for about 4 minutes, or until the bottom of the potato starts to brown.
    4. Use a bench scraper or a heavy spatula to cut the hash brown into even rectangles or squares.
    5. Flip each square or rectangle so the potato cooks on both sides, and let sit for another 4 minutes. Shower with salt and peper to taste.
    6. Serve immediately.

    This recipe was adapted from:

      Written by Will Chiong who lives and works in New York building useful things.