December 11, 2017

My recipe for an omelet is pretty standard and simple but I wanted to write it down so I could tweak and improve it.

I add pretty much any leftover vegtables or meat in this omelet, but it’s also good as a simple cheese omelet.

You can also check out my recipe for a French Omelette for a slightly different style of omelette.

  • 1 serving
  • 10 mins
  • 6 mins
  • 16 mins
  • Ingredients

    • 4 eggs, beaten
    • oil
    • salt and pepper
    • 2 slices cheese
    • 1 Tbsp, divided butter



    1. Heat a frying pan or cast iron skillet on medium heat. Add the oil and pre-cook any filling ingredients you're going to be putting in the omelet to warm it up. Remove them from the pan and add 1/2 tablespoon of butter.
    2. Whisk the eggs with some salt and pepper and while they're still in the bowl add the rest of the butter in small, cold chunks and 1 Tablespoon of water.
    3. Add the egg/butter mixture to the pan and turn the heat down to low. Let it firm up for about 1 minute.
    4. Add the filling ingredients and cheese to the egg mixture and cover, and continue to heat on low for 1 minute.
    5. Remove the cover and use a thin metal spatula to flip one side of the omelet neatly over on the other. After 30 seconds, use the spatula to full flip the omelet back over onto the other side to cook evenly. After 30 seconds, transfer to a plate and serve.

      Written by Will Chiong who lives and works in New York building useful things.